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Forensic & Fraud Investigation

At Cordes & Company, our financial and management professionals provide prompt and expert support for businesses and real estate in transition, litigation and distress – as well as their local, regional and national lenders.

One of our primary practice areas is Forensic and Fraud Investigation.

Each financial transaction leaves a trail.  At Cordes & Company, our professionals know how to follow this money-trail in order to uncover and recover financial assets, wherever they might be hiding.  Forensic accounting focuses on the discovery, analysis and presentation of the evidence of economic transactions and reporting events.  Many of our professionals are accountants by training and certification.

Financial fraud is an intentional act of deception involving improper financial transfers for purposes of personal gain.  The source can be internal or external.  If you suspect fraud, our professionals can audit financial and operational records.  We can help you identify the perpetrator and install procedures to prevent similar crimes going forward.  We can provide documentation and testimony for court, and a valuation of damages.

Forensic Analysis & Fraud Investigation Services:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Accounting reconstruction
  • Expert testimony
  • Financial restatements
  • Fraudulent conveyances
  • Investigations
  • Stock, real estate and tax research
  • Supporting documentation
  • Unwinding transactions
  • Value disputes

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